A ‘body’ is a ‘body’ until you have the nerve to give a form to it. Every ‘body’ speaks of its own individuality that no one can stop it from. If my body says “I want to be a man” this very second, I will submit to it with all my heart. That’s the power of a “body” and our “mind” clearly works on what it wants. The number of transgender movements that have taken place so far, speak of one thing certainly, “let your body fly”. Your body is not supposed to feel caged. It has a mind of its own. It speaks for itself. Listen to it. My identity is closely associated with what my body speaks. My mind in accordance with it.

I have been given the opportunity to be as educated as I can with respect to what “body politics” actually is. I have been there, learning how we all think of our bodies. Yes, I will dwell deep into something that we do not wish to talk about. Every ‘body’ is precious. Every ‘body’  seems to have a course of its own. It has a path that it takes that we cannot stop it from. It can be a “battered” body, it can be a “haggered” body. It can be a “sagging” body. It can be anything it feels like. It can be a bloody battlefield if it wishes to, just like mine.

It can also be a man’s body in a woman’s or vice versa. Do we have a say in it? Do you ever question or reprimand a person who is left-handed?  I don’t think so, we turn a blind eye towards it. Why? Is it that ‘natural’ that we don’t question it? Well, you might as well accept something natural of the same sort.

‘The Danish girl’ taught me how to embrace it. How to embrace every form of sexuality and more than that, to love every part of what we are made of. If this entire piece is all about the movie talking and its influence on me, I would submit to it by saying “Yes”.







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