A long pending write-up!!!!

tiger hills

How can you forget a book that you have read a few months ago? If that book could give you another perspective. That one such book is “tiger hills” by Sarita Mandanna. This book gave me the utmost pleasure of reading and it is still one of my favourite books. Devi , how can I forget this wonderful woman? She was so passionate that it made me quiver all over to think of how a woman can be. She was my ‘Helen’, the character that launched a thousand minds to admire her. She was a slender being but with utmost will power. She wasn’t just the round character, she was more than what a reader could expect. Mercara had its own charm because of Devi. She lit up the mountains and the coffee plantations. Her entire life was laid down for one person, Machu. He swept her throughout, even after his death. The power of a man on a woman moulds her into a strong woman. Devanna laid out his life for Devi . Devi !! You took me by storm. From the time you were born till the time you gave into Devanna’s love after so many decades. Your life has taught me compassion and endurance. Your eyes have taken me to a different world. Your actions took me by surprise and your demeanor swept me by my feet. As complex as this sounds, I was and am awed by what I witnessed. I experienced a world beyond words ,another realm, a paradise. Words can touch lives and it has definitely touched mine and will definitely touch yours too.


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