To begin with, all of us encounter this one moment in life where everything has come to a point and gives you an indication that “this is what you have been waiting for”. This one such moment happened to me today out of no where. Meeting a person who once used to walk around in your work place and fortunately, turns out to be the one who helps you find a place in this universe, a position that you deserve, a small seat in this entire universe. Thanks to this person, because I found out my place. The miniscule gem that I am. Tough for a manic-depressive patient to say that. But, it makes you feel so humbled at one point. This, my readers, is the surreal moment that I am talking about. The position that you are in, where things become much more clearer to you and you realize that you are made of nothing but”greatness”. To be true to your own self and to respect what you are made of is what takes you to be who you are and sometimes it takes the most unexpected of the events to make you realize that. The comical part about this “philosophical and spiritual” experience is, you start staring at random of the things and smile at it or laugh at it like you were exposed to laughing gas or may be transformed into a Hyena.

Who cares? Did you feel better by doing that? Then that is what matters the most.


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