‘Ida’ is a tale that has taken my breath away. It has a particular element that resonates within you after you watch the movie. With a powerful narrative and minimal dialogues, giving way to intense expressions, makes this movie nothing less than a “masterpiece”. The two women, with two different lifestyles altogether, come together with a single string of their past. Ida, a catholic nun, who is about take her vows and the infamous judge, Wanda, known for her communist actions during the time of war. The two systems, trying to make sense of the terrible history that killed the parents of Ida. The Jewish history wiped out by the Nazi regime, haunts their lives. Wanda gives in by jumping off the window and Ida, refuses to take her vows and gives into the temptations of “life” until she realises that her convent life was the answer and goes back to her convent. This text has volumes to tell each of us. Shot in black and white, the film has a sense of aesthetic quality that we cannot afford to miss. The expressions of each of the characters, especially when Ida looks at herself in the mirror exploring her own beauty, is priceless. The solid eyes, seeking out for her own identity is what took me to writing this piece. Wanda has a pivotal role to play. To bring out the different streaks in both the characters. Ida, the calmer one and Wanda, the arrogant fighter. This movie speaks of a history, of a past that has been ignored. But it also calls for the numerous “pasts” that have shaped the lives of many citizens in Poland. This is a movie that holds you down and says, “don’t you dare judge the events and the characters”. It makes you wait for more and make sense of it all. I see two women, battered by their own belief systems and finally giving into it after a long battle. Both Wanda and Ida take the audience to a track where some how , we can predict certain things happening to them but there were two unexpected events that took me by surprise, wanda jumping off and Ida returning back to her convent in the end. Ida, taking a path of getting drunk and trying to smoke like her aunt was what I thought would happen but at the same time I refrained from thinking so. It might be due to the upbringing that I somehow least expected it to happen. No one can miss the beautiful hair and the spotless face of Ida. So, I have spoilt the movie for you and I’m sure you would not like it if I reveal more of the details.


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