A journey!!


So, what I learnt at the Bangalore Queer Film Festival was something that I couldn’t express in words. The culmination of different cultures left me astounded. The crowd that ”understood” the sensibilities and moreover, the independence of choosing identities and sexualities. The coming together of different people from various walks of life to stand tall and strong for one single cause. The love that brimmed and overflowed among the people, the couples who seemed much more in love and the smiles dancing on their faces. This left me realize the true essence of love which I thought had escaped the world. How could anyone see so much of adoration and expression of love in a place that screened movies and documentaries? This was what kept me thinking all the while. But during the screening of these movies, I saw the invisible souls coming together , putting their minds together and being a part of something “great”. The darkness in the auditorium was filled with a sense of belongingness that I have never seen in any place so far. It was a place that kept us wanting to learn more about a face of world that we always tend to ignore or neglect. There is yet another small incident that I have to add. I had to leave after a certain screening of a documentary since I was getting really late. I had to find my way through the darkness in the auditorium which housed more than 200 people. I was sitting on a soft mattress and had to find my slippers in the dark. three men wearing dark clothes were already seated behind me and I had to apologize to them to have caused such inconvenience while they were comfortably seated. All thanks to me, as I had parked my footwear just behind them. In the dark, they held my hand till I slipped on my footwear and once I thanked them, they said, “not a problem, you take care of yourself”. I was immediately struck by this gesture since I had never come across someone this polite to me. I came out of the auditorium with a smile and contended thati had come there and had been a part of such a brilliant atmosphere. I hope to see this festival brimming with many people next year. I can’t wait to be a part of this again. A festival where Queerness is at its best. 


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